Человек не терпит насилия!

Nevertheless, it’s a confederacy?


On the eve of the «Liberty
Day» holiday, Nikolay Melnichenko made a statement that may really spoil this
holiday. His statement confirms the suspicions that were present within many of
our citizens. And in particular there may be a suspicion as to the existence of
a criminal confederacy between Yushchenko, Kuchma and Litvin. The aim of the
confederacy – to escape the responsibility as for the murder of Georgiy
Gongadze so and for other crimes, documented by Nikolay Melnichechenko.Here is
the text of the statement:

«About real intentions of
governance of Ukraine»

«The new Ukrainian authority
continue the deliberate and cynic attempts of the abduction from the
responsibility of Leonid Kuchma and his accomplices for their cruel crimes
against Georgiy Gongadze and Alexander Yelyashkevich.

There are a number of
evidences that may be given as to the subject:

liquidation of the
parliamentary investigating commission on the questions of death investigating
of Georgiy Gongadze and Igor Alexandrov and attempt upon the life of Alexander

—       establishment of the parliamentary investigating
commission on the cassette scandal, that was headed by the «personal
militiaman» of Kuchma’s 

—       persistent disregard of the decisions of the
Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council concerning Alexander
Yelyashkevich and the President of Ukraine refusal from meeting with him;

—       nonfulfillment 
by the Ukrainian authority of the European court decisions with regard
to me;

—       illegal putting me under arrest in Turkey intentionally  provoked from Ukraine;

President of Ukraine did not
fulfil the main and  fundamental
demands, exposed in my statement dated from the August 29, of this year. In
order to make it clear to the whole audience why president of Ukraine plant
himself in such a way I officially submit one of the numerous facts concerning
the real intentions of the Ukrainian governance as to the investigation of the
high profile crime cases.

On the 8th of May, 2005 in
Berlin I had a 44-minutes meeting with Alexander Tretyakov – once the first
aids to the president of Ukraine. Before that meeting I had a telephone talk
with him. The meeting with Tretyakov was arranged by Boris Berezovskiy and was
held at the hotel room of the assistant of Berezovskiy.

At the beginning of the conversation
Alexander Tretyakov said that he was empowered by the President of Ukraine to
meet with me and discuss some questions. 
In the course of conversation Tretyakov, as the person entitled by
Viktor Yushchenko, said the following:

notwithstanding the
crimes committed by Kuchma against Georgiy Gongadze and Alexander
Yelyashkevich, Leonid Kuchma should be left in peace. Besides Vladimir Litvin
should be left in peace as well;

—       Yushchenko does not like my cooperation with Alexander

—       President would not like that the crimes documented by
me would influence the election campaign in 2006.

I would like to draw your
attention to the thing that the evidences given by me are always supported by
the uncontrovertible proof.

The fact declared by me
demonstratively testifies that the real intentions of the Ukrainian governance
drastically differ from the principle declared by Viktor Yushchenko «Bandits
should be in prisons» that was announced once more in his radio message to the
Ukrainian people on November 19,2005.      


20, 2005


is quite an interesting figure in this statement, namely 44 minutes
conversation between Melnichenko and Tretyakov. Such kind of accuracy is the
evidence of the fact that Melnichenko recorded his conversation with Tretyakov.
And after the appearance of this audio recording in Internet it would be very
difficult not to believe in it.

if such conversation was really held then the fact of confederacy between
Kuchma, Litvin and Yushchenko may be regarded as proved one. Why did Yushchenko
collude in such a way? The first variant of response may be an optimistic one.
In order to make the «orange» revolution without blood and let Kuchma
peacefully repose power. The second variant – pessimistic one – Kuchma and
Litvin may blackmail the president in some way. In this case cannot be regarded
as an independent political person and a valid President.

this basis, it should be acknowledged that the «orange revolution» is not
finished yet  and its second stage
should expected in the future. The stage within which the «umbilical cord» that
binds the new governance with Kuchma regime will be cut and the Maidan slogan
«Bandits should be in prisons» will be realized. 


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